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Catholic Teaching

The Lyceum's unique program combines academic standards that can compete with other prestigious private schools with a serious emphasis on knowing and living our Catholic faith and culture.

Aside from regular instruction in Theology from The Catechism of The Catholic Church (as well as from Fathers and Doctors of the Church and excellent Catholic Authors), Lyceum students receive an education that proceeds from an integration of faith and reason. There is no academic subject that is able to be taught divorced from the teachings of the faith or split off from the mind of the church. The school holds fast to the principle that all the sciences, philosophical disciplines, and arts are ultimately handmaidens to Theology. Ultimately to form students who are able to live, defend, and grow in the faith, demands that they study all subjects grounded in the habit of scientific and philosophical thinking that is most properly the mind of the Catholic.

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The Lyceum's Catholic Educational Mission and Community Policies (PDF)

The Leaven the World Needs

“The value of a genuine Catholic liberal education is seen in the interior beauty of those who have devoted a relatively small part of their lives to the formation of their souls in beauty, goodness, and truth. No matter how few there are who undertake such a pursuit, they are the leaven that the world needs.”

--Mark Langley, Founder & Academic Dean of the Lyceum