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The Lyceum's classical languages curriculum

Classical Languages

Because all language classes meet simultaneously students are always able to attend the course which is suitable to their ability regardless of grade level. In general The Lyceum classical language curricula employ two approaches that we call the synthetic (or “natural” approach) and the analytic (or logical approach). Students, especially in the the 7th and 8th grade, begin with the synthetic and move to the analytic.

In the synthetic approach students learn to read extensively through amusing and edifying texts. They gain a proficiency in pronunciation and fluidity in their speech. They develop an ear for the sound of the language and pick up an extensive vocabulary. The emphasis of the synthetic approach is rather to develop a comfort level with the sound of each language and a disposition which will supply a firm and deep understanding of the theory and grammar.

The analytic approach addresses each language in a logical manner building an understanding from the simple to the complex. Students “begin again” by learning the grammar and syntax of each language.


For a student beginning in the seventh grade and continuing through six years, in his first two years he will take Introduction to Latin A &B. In his next four years he will take Latin 1 through Latin IV. In his final year he may choose to take the AP Virgil Exam for college credit.


Every student entering the Lyceum will begin Greek with the introductory course (Greek Alpha) and proceed consecutively building in his final years to reading original sources including selections of the New Testament and the Odyssey.
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