Fine arts are not an “extra curricular” at The Lyceum because a proper appreciation and response to the beautiful is a distinctly human gift and even a responsibility. Every student, therefore participates in the fine arts program each semester of every year. This participation is broken down as follows:

    Chorus (the Schola Cantorum)

    Students and faculty meet regularly to participate “as a group” in the production of beautiful sacred music to enhance school liturgies and daily prayer. The choir focuses mainly on learning to sing sacred liturgical music of the Renaissance and Gregorian Chant. Participation in the schola also provides an opportunity for students to give service to others by singing at the monthly first Friday Mass at Sacred Heart Parish as well as other various venues throughout the Cleveland area.


    Every student participates in the Lyceum Drama through participation in at least one play each year. (Typically the school produces three plays a year)

    Visual Arts/Calligraphy/Recorder/Music Theory/ Music Appreciation/Drawing

    Students also spend typically about ten weeks each year studying one of these fine arts at various levels.

In addition to the school’s Fine Arts program, The school participates regularly in various fine arts events around the Cleveland through regular field trips to The Cleveland Museum of Art, Playhouse Square, Blossom Music Center, Severance Hall as well as other cultural attractions in the area.