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Great Books

We believe that every student deserves a one-on-one encounter with the greatest minds that have ever lived. To a great extent, and whenever the subject matter is within their capacity, students read either original texts or excerpts from original texts.

Students of The Lyceum experience a breadth of education that encompasses each and every area of learning, but at the heart of our curriculum are the “the classics” -- the greatest works of mathematics, science, history, literature, politics, philosophy, and theology. Often referred to as the “great books,” these are the foundational writings of Western Civilization - the writings of the greatest thinkers of the last 25 centuries.

These books cannot be left on the shelf to be admired. Each generation must discover them anew for true learning is in souls, not in books. If these books are left unread, men inevitably become the slaves of the intellectual errors of their own times. Wherever possible we at The Lyceum forego textbooks in order to read these authors directly, exposing students to those titles that have proven to be timeless and that touch on issues that are constantly part of the human experience.