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what sets the Lyceum apart

A Time-Honored Curriculum

Socratic Learning

We stand by the principle that a student needs to be actively engaged in the formation of his own intellect, and that this is best accomplished by means of directed discussion among one's own peers about a shared text. At The Lyceum, the "Socratic seminar" method is adopted in all classes...

Proven Results

Many colleges actively recruit our graduates because the breadth and depth of their learning is almost unheard of in a typical modern high school curriculum. The “tools of learning” (grammar, rhetoric, and logic) which our graduates acquire through the study of Latin, Greek, and Euclidean geometry...

Great Books

We believe that every student deserves a one-on-one encounter with the greatest minds that have ever lived. To a great extent, and whenever the subject matter is within their capacity, students read either original texts or excerpts from original texts. From the study of Euclid's Elements to...

The Seven Liberal Arts

The Lyceum's unique curriculum infuses the Seven Liberal Arts - Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, and Music - into a college preparatory track, allowing our students to prepare for college, while nurturing those intellectual virtues that allow them to think for themselves...

Catholic Teaching

Lyceum students receive an education that proceeds from an integration of faith and reason. No academic subject is able to be taught divorced from the teachings of the faith. We hold fast to the principle that all the sciences, philosophical disciplines, and arts are ultimately handmaidens to Theology...

The Lyceum's Broader Mission

The Lyceum has as its mission nothing less than the formation of a liberally educated Catholic lady or gentleman. Broadly stated, The Lyceum aims to produce graduates who, having been formed by Catholic western civilization, then become bearers and guardians of that civilization...

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Proven Success

The Lyceum's unique program combines academic standards that can compete with other prestigious private schools with a serious emphasis on knowing and living our Catholic faith and culture. The average SAT score for Lyceum students is in the top 13% nationally of all college-bound students taking the exam.

The Lyceum was one of six schools in the US awarded Acton Institute Recognition for Academic Excellence for 2010 & 2011, and is the only high school in Ohio recognized by the Acton Institute, which promotes a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and religious principles.

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The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Our fixed curriculum places a unique emphasis on the intellectual skills and habits that prepare a student for life-long learning. Lyceum graduates enter college with minds already provoked by the seminal ideas of great thinkers, ready to articulate and defend the reasons for their own intellectual positions.

Verum - Bonum - Pulchrum

Truth - Goodness - Beauty

By seeking all that is true, good, and beautiful, students of The Lyceum develop intellectual and moral virtues, and true charity for one another and for God. At The Lyceum, they experience an education that prepares them for college and for life.


Lyceum graduates enter college with minds already provoked by the seminal ideas of great thinkers, ready to articulate and defend the reasons for their own intellectual positions.


When students encounter and respond appropriately to all that is most beautiful, good and true in the works of man, they become more receptive to the source of all beauty, goodness and truth.


Beauty has an effect on man that can transform the very core of his being. Consequently, all students participate each year in The Lyceum Schola Cantorum, the Music Theory Course, the Visual Arts & Drama Programs.