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The Seven Liberal Arts

The Lyceum's course of studies is based on the classical understanding of the liberal arts:

    The Trivium - Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric - are the arts of the mind and language, which develop the student so that he can master language and thinking for himself (i.e. logically).

    The Quadrivium -Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, and Music - are the arts of matter and quantity, developing a deep understanding of mathematical theory and a scientific mind.

Taken together, they order the students' minds, allowing them to think critically and to discern what is good, true, and beautiful in the world in which they live.

Our fixed curriculum infuses these arts into a college preparatory track, allowing our students to prepare for college, while still nurturing those intellectual virtues that allow them to think for themselves.

With a liberal education the light of truth shines in the soul and the individual develops an integrity of mind which allows him to judge wisely in all fields of learning. Classical liberal education is not only good for the individual, but it is essential for the survival of Western Civilization.

Liberal Education

“This process of training, by which the intellect, instead of being formed or sacrificed to some particular or accidental purpose, some specific trade or profession, or study or science, is disciplined for its own sake, for the perception of its own proper object, and for its own highest culture, is called Liberal Education…”

--Saint John Henry Newman