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The Socratic Method

We stand by the principle that a student needs to be actively engaged in the formation of his own intellect, and that this is best accomplished by means of directed discussion among one's own peers about a shared text. At The Lyceum, the "Socratic seminar" method is adopted in all classes.

The Socratic Method, sometimes called the Seminar Method, is the style of teaching that uses discussion rather than lecture. In a lecture class, a student sits and receives information from the lecturer. This is a passive experience that lends itself to recitation rather than understanding. At The Lyceum, our students, with the aid of their teachers, engage in those timeless discussions that formed Western Civilization, such as the nature of beauty and whether one can prove the existence of God. Discussing such things themselves not only gives our students a greater understanding of the material, but it trains them to think critically and discern truth for themselves.

The Lyceum seminar table regularly hosts a meeting of the minds of Lyceum students with the greatest minds of Western Civilization.

Socrates on Education

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”